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Baywater School Board

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Key Role of the Board 

 The governance of the school is entrusted to the Board of Trustees who are the elected representatives of the parents.  The Board of Trustees assumes responsibility for a range of matters, including personnel, finance, governance, property and the School Charter. Meetings, which are open to interested parents, are held at 6.30pm at the school, generally on the first Monday of most months. Please check at the school office.

Anne Dunne 

Presiding Member

Heather Goodey


Izzy Horrocks


Zane Catterall

Talia Cohen-Wolf


Marianne Coldham


 Claire Edwards

Staff rep.

Get to know the Board of Trustees

I have two children at Bayswater School: Elias and Karlia. I have previously been involved in the parent group since our son started school in 2018 and was part of organising several successful events as well as joining the BOT meetings as the Parent Group representative on several occasions. I have nearly 20 years’ experience in supply chain and procurement across various industries and as part of these have been part of several governance bodies. 

They play an important role in shaping the mission and vision of any business and equally schools and I believe in everything Bayswater stands for. Offering an environment where all children are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in whatever path they may choose later in life is something not all schools do as well as Bayswater. My goal is to ensure we are able to live by the vision and mission that are so well displayed in everything the school does today. 

Involving all communities living in this beautiful country and allowing children of all abilities to work together and accept each other’s differences will provide them with the open mindedness and values that will be so important as they move on in life. I will support the board in ensuring the environment remains as inclusive as it is today and I am confident my professional experience, but more importantly, my experience as a mother, and as a parent of a child with special needs can contribute to this mission.

Heather Goodey

Marianne Coldham

We are the school-based trustees on the board.  As principal, Marianne is automatically a board member and Claire is the trustee elected by the staff.  For both of us, being on Bayswater School Board of Trustees is an absolute pleasure.  The other board members have a wide range of skills and interests which make them very effective trustees.

Their diversity of experience means that they often look at things in a different way to us and make suggestions which we would never have thought of.  Board members are like a critical friend - the questions they pose challenge our thinking so we can work together to improve outcomes for all our children. Bayswater School is fortunate to have such a dedicated, capable board.

Claire Edwards