Bayswater School

Board of Trustees

Chairperson                   Jeff Reddicliffe                       
Health and Safety         Jeff Reddicliffe
Finance                            Heather Goodey
                                          Craig Erskine
Policy                              Kirsty Gardyne
Property                         Anne Dunne
General                           Christian Wehrle
Staff Representative     Dianne Cluett
Acting Principal             Marianne Coldham
Principal                         Lindsay Child (Currently on sabbatical)


Key Role of the Board of Trustees

The governance of the school is entrusted to the Board of Trustees who are the elected representatives of the parents.

The Board of Trustees assumes responsibility for a range of matters, including personnel, finance, governance, property and the School Charter.

Meetings, which are open to interested parents, are held at 7pm at the school, on the last Monday of most months. Please check at the school office.


Hi and welcome to Bayswater.  I hope you discover that it’s a place which is a little different and unique.  Somewhere where everyone can find a spot to grow and develop.

My name is Craig and I’m the current Chair of the BOT at Bayswater.  I’m married to Sally and have three kids – now 15, 13 and 11.  My youngest (Nate) is in year 6.  I have a background in accounting and IT systems and I joined the Board 10 years ago when my youngest child started school.

Being involved with the governance and leadership of a school is an interesting and challenging thing at times.  However it is a really rewarding and encouraging experience when you get those glimpses that things are going right.

When I first joined the Board, my goal was simply to help out wherever possible.  I was initially involved with the Finance portfolio but then took up the role of Chair in 2010

Since then, my goal has changed a bit.  I am now very keen to ensure that every child at Bayswater:

*        Will have opportunities to have an involving and dynamic learning experience

*        Will add their unique perspective to our collective culture

*        Will leave our school and be able to make a difference to their community

*        Will be equipped and encouraged to be a learner for life

Lofty goals you might think, but ones which I see our Principal, Teachers, Teacher Aides and Support staff achieving on a daily basis.  Their passion and commitment is outstanding and it’s fantastic to see the way they collectively develop and grow our kids.

The one thing I would say to all parents and whanau is: get involved in some way or other.  Your kids will love it and you’ll get to leave  distinctive mark on who and what we are here at Bayswater.


I work for the New Zealand Defence Force in a management role introducing new equipment and material to the Royal New Zealand Navy. I have served 23years in naval uniform and transitioned to my current civilian position in 2012.

I have lived and worked on the North Shore for over 27 yrs. Along with my wife Angela we have two daughters, Charlotte and Lucy, who are currently students at Bayswater School. The family are very active within the school and wider community with Angela being a member of the Parent Group; I am also a member of Scouting NZ as a Leader for the Cub section of Calliope Sea Scouts.

As member on the Board of Trustees, I expect to makea useful contribution to the management of Bayswater School. I have a pragmatic approach and broad experience through employment in defence which allows me to view issues from a wide perspective and find solutions to complex situations. I believe that by providing appropriate direction and the right tools for the teaching team and the school we can create a great environment for the future of all our children.

Heather Goodey

Christian  Wehrle

I have lived in the Bayswater community for 10 years with my wife Tash and our kids, Petra and Zach,  both of whom attend Bayswater School. Being a member of the Board of Trustees is a great opportunity for me to give back to our community and assist the amazing group of teachers and support staff as they help guide all our kids on their learning journey. 

I work as an IT consultant and I continue to learn every day.  Teamwork, ingenuity, creativity, persistence, and patience are skills and personal attributes that play a role inside and outside of my work environment and I’ll apply these during my time on the Board of Trustees. It is also awesome to see that Bayswater School is equipping our kids with similar attributes through a shared vision and mission. 

My main aim on the Board of Trustees is to help wherever I can, add value by applying what I have learnt through my life experiences, and help create an environment which gives all our kids the best opportunities to succeed as they continue to develop and grow during their time at Bayswater School and beyond. 

Anne Dunne

I have two children at Bayswater School: Elias and Karlia.

I have previously been involved in the parent group since our son started school in 2018 and was part of organising several successful events as well as joining the BOT meetings as the Parent Group representative on several occasions.

I have nearly 20 years’ experience in supply chain and procurement across various industries and as part of these have been part of several governance bodies. They play an important role in shaping the mission and vision of any business and equally schools and I believe in everything Bayswater stands for. Offering an environment where all children are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in whatever path they may choose later in life is something not all schools do as well as Bayswater.

My goal is to ensure we are able to live by the vision and mission that are so well displayed in everything the school does today. Involving all communities living in this beautiful country and allowing children of all abilities to work together and accept each other’s differences will provide them with the open mindedness and values that will be so important as they move on in life. I will support the board in ensuring the environment remains as inclusive as it is today and I am confident my professional experience, but more importantly, my experience as a mother, and as a parent of a child with special needs can contribute to this mission

Kirsty Gardyne

I’m married to Ash and we have three children, Jack and Oliver at Bayswater School, and Fletcher. We love being part of the Bayswater School community and look forward to many years ahead supporting our wonderful school.

I have a legal background with over 15 years’ experience, both in-house and in private practice. I’m currently Senior Counsel in the Wealth team at ANZ. If I’m elected to the Board of Trustees, I hope to use my analytical and strategic thinking skills to make a valuable contribution to the governance of our school.

In particular, I’m keen to ensure that our school:

· provides a dynamic, holistic, innovative learning environment that supports children to become well-balanced, empowered, life-long learners;

· provides opportunities for children to pursue their passions and achieve personal excellence, be that academic, cultural or physical;

· provides an environment where children experience a sense of belonging and well-being at school.

In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, bike riding, going to the beach and doing nature walks with the family.

Marianne Coldham                                                              LIndsay Child

We are the school-based trustees on the board.  As principal, Lindsay is automatically a board member and Marianne is the trustee elected by the staff.  For both of us, being on Bayswater School Board of Trustees is an absolute pleasure.  The other board members have a wide range of skills and interests which make them very effective trustees.  Their diversity of experience means that they often look at things in a different way to us and make suggestions which we would never have thought of.  Board members are like a critical friend - the questions they pose challenge our thinking so we can work together to improve outcomes for all our children. Bayswater School is fortunate to have such a dedicated, capable board.