Bayswater School

Learning Pathways 2018

- Incorporating Science, Social Sciences, Technology and The Arts

We are an Enviroschool - how does that work? (Term 1)

How can we...restore and revitalise? (Term 2)

How can we...restore and revitalise - part 2 (Term 3)

How will everyone else know? (Term 4)


Students will:

  • Be informed decision makers who actively seek knowledge in order to contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and New Zealand.


Students will:

  • Engage with the five guiding principles of Enviroschools to reflect on how they are formalised in the school, with current practices reviewed and planning to meet future systems of sustainability


Students will:

  • Demonstrate innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively

  • Consider the wider community and participate in actions for the common good

  • Understand ecological sustainability and how they can care for the environment

  • Demonstrate integrity, be accountable and act ethically

Key Competencies

Students will :

  • Think (reflect) and contribute their ideas for future systems

  • Manage themselves as scientists/social scientists  in order to use these skills in the future

Future Focus

Through reflection on why we are an Enviroschool, children will explore the long term impact of scientific, technological and economic practices on the environment.

Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

  • To know what is in place at school that makes it an Enviroschool

  • Know and understand the Guiding Principles of Enviroschools

  • Understand that some resources are finite and some are renewable

  • Know that Sir Peter Blake is a big part of our school and know about the life lessons he has passed on for us

  • To carry out an investigation and plan for new developments

Deeper Understandings

  • For systems to be sustainable, everyone needs to care for them continually

  • We can all take action for a sustainable future - individually and collectively

Link to Guiding Principles of Enviroschool

  • Maori perspectives

  • Sustainable communities

  • Learning for sustainability

  • Cultural diversity

  • Empowered students

Communication of Learning

  • Early Term Four