Bayswater School


"A practical and interactive training conference for student leaders"
Each year we send a group of year 5 children to the GRIP Leadership Conference held at The Vodafone Events Centre in Manakau. These children then share their learning with all the other year 5 children in preparation for their following year as year 6s. This means all children share in the experience and are empowered to be positive role models. At Bayswater we expect all children to be leaders and encourage them to look for opportunities. 

GRIP Leadership Conference
"It's important as a leader to know other peoples strengths and weaknesses so you can all achieve the goal." 

GRIP Leadership Conference
"It was really inspiring and it makes you want to just get on and do leadership things that will help the school and the wider community."

Nick represented our school in one of a variety of learning competitions.
"This was a testing activity and I felt very happy about winning and getting a badge!"

Brodie and Caitlin interact with children from other schools to share ideas.
"We had to think of new ideas that are outside the box."

Reflection time means thinking about the new knowledge gained and considering what leadership opportunities can be had back at school.

The conference always finishes with a dance party!
"The Loud Noise Boys were funny, creative and loud!"