Bayswater School

Shout Out to the Environment
Competition for schools

Ko au te wai, Ko te waiko au.
I am the water and the water is me.
In 2016 as part of this exhibition at the Maritime Museum schools were invited to showcase an environmental project we had worked on recently, ideally one that dealt with an issue to do with the sea or waterways. We decided to highlight our 2014 Communication of Learning show Roimata Toroa as it involved the whole school and our extended community, was creative in both its production and involvement of all of us in writing the show, designing costumes, choreographing dances, making props and much more!

A group of us worked to put together a slide show that would get across to the judges and the public the creativity and passion that brought this awesome show together. We also had to make sure we showed how Roimata Toroa got the message of caring for our Earth and its waterways out to the community.

Some of us used our creative skills to write the script, others were in charge of selecting photos and putting the slide show together and others we brought in to make use of their singing voices!

We were so excited and proud to win, to have our slideshow on display at the Maritime Museum and to have it forever on their blog!

Karen Mitchell from the Maritime Museum came to present us with a certificate and a cheque for the school.