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Parent Group Picnic 2018

Thumbnail: Parent Group Picnic 2018
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A great time to meet other Bayswater School families

New Buildings Opened 9 August 2017

Thumbnail: New Buildings Opened 9 August 2017
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An Opening Ceremony - Kawanga Whare - was held this morning at 5.30am. A group of about 100 consisting of children and staff from Bayswater School and Wilson School, families and visitors participated and enjoyed breakfast together afterwards.

Danny Watson welcomed to Bayswater School 24.2.2017

Thumbnail: Danny Watson welcomed to Bayswater School 24.2.2017
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On Friday afternoon, we were visited by long-time local resident Danny Watson and some of his family. Danny is part of the trust which runs the dojo (martial arts hall) and ceramic studio up the road from school. Danny has very kindly offered his services as a kaumatua for our school and it was lovely to welcome him.

Roimata Toroa

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Our Learning Pathways in 2014 focussed on Sustainable Communities Through Kai. It culminated with a Communication of Learning to our community in the form of a performance called Roimata Toroa.

Matariki Hangi 2015

Thumbnail: Matariki Hangi 2015
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In term two the whole school collaborated in celebrating Matariki, and our learning about Healthy Communities through Kai, with a hangi. The children brought food each day and peeled the vegies, the parents prepared and cooked the food, the dads laid the hangi, the teachers stayed overnight to continue with the preparation of the food and to watch the lighting and suervision of the hangi. The whole school cheered when the hangi was open and the racks of food brought out! We fed over 200 people. What a fantastic event it was... we all want to do it again soon!

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award

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Congratulations to all the recipients who receive this award which is presented each year to a child at Baywater School who has displayed outstanding leadership qualities

Bayswater's Got Talent

Thumbnail: Bayswater's Got Talent
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Well done to all the contestants and a big thank you to the children who organised it.